Crush Meaning in Bengali [With Synonym & 10 Examples] | Crush শব্দের অর্থ কি?

Crush Meaning in Bengali অর্থাৎ Crush শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ ভালোভাবে খোঁজার জন্যে আমি এখানে Oxford Dictionary এর সাহায্য নিয়েছি।

Crush Meaning in Bengali বা Crush শব্দের অর্থ হল-

Crush meaning in bengali synonym

Crush Meaning in Bengali-

Crush শব্দের অর্থ হল-

  • চাপ দিয়ে ভাঙ্গিয়া ফেলা
  • প্রবল চাপ
  • পিষা
  • জনতার ঘন ভিড়
  • কারো প্রতি স্বল্পকালস্থায়ী প্রেমভাব

Crush Meaning in English-

ইংরাজি অভিধান মতে Crush অর্থ-

The word “Crush” can have several meanings in English, and its interpretation often depends on the context. Here are a few common meanings:

  1. Noun – Romantic Interest:
    • Example: Sarah has a crush on her coworker, John.
    • Meaning: A romantic attraction or infatuation towards someone, especially when one has not expressed their feelings to the other person.
  2. Verb – To Press or Squeeze:
    • Example: Be careful not to crush the delicate flowers when you pick them.
    • Meaning: To press or squeeze something with force, often causing damage or deformation.
  3. Noun – Crowd or Throngs:
    • Example: The concert drew a massive crush of excited fans.
    • Meaning: A dense crowd or throng of people gathered closely together.
  4. Verb – Overwhelm or Defeat:
    • Example: The team was determined not to let the opposing side crush their spirits.
    • Meaning: To overwhelm, defeat, or suppress someone or something.
  5. Noun – Temporary Infatuation:
    • Example: It’s just a teenage crush; he’ll get over it soon.
    • Meaning: A brief and often intense infatuation, especially common in adolescence.
  6. Verb – To Shatter or Demolish:
    • Example: The earthquake had the power to crush buildings and infrastructure.
    • Meaning: To shatter, demolish, or destroy with great force.
  7. Noun – Strong Affection or Admiration:
    • Example: My crush on vintage cars led me to collect and restore them.
    • Meaning: A strong and persistent feeling of affection or admiration for a particular object, hobby, or interest.

It’s essential to consider the context in which the word “crush” is used to determine its specific meaning in a given situation.

Sentences With The Word ‘Crush’-

Crush meaning in Bengali ভালভাবে বোঝার জন্যে কিছু বাক্য নীচে দেওয়া হল-

  1. Noun – Romantic Interest:
    • English Sentence: Jenny has had a crush on her classmate since the beginning of the semester.
    • Meaning in Bengali: সেমিস্টারের শুরু থেকেই জেনি তার সহপাঠীর প্রতি ক্রাশ ছিল।
  2. Verb – To Press or Squeeze:
    • English Sentence: Be careful not to crush the cookies when you put them in the jar.
    • Meaning in Bengali:আপনি যখন কুকিজগুলিকে জারে রাখবেন তখন সেগুলি যাতে পিষে না যায় সে বিষয়ে সতর্ক থাকুন।
  3. Noun – Crowd or Throngs:
    • English Sentence: The crush of people at the festival made it difficult to move around.
    • Meaning in Bengali: উৎসবে মানুষের ভিড়ের কারণে চলাফেরা করা কঠিন হয়ে পড়ে।
  4. Verb – Overwhelm or Defeat:
    • English Sentence: The news of the sudden loss seemed to crush his spirit.
    • Meaning in Bengali: আকস্মিক ক্ষতির খবর তার আত্মাকে চূর্ণ করে দিল।
  5. Noun – Temporary Infatuation:
    • English Sentence: Middle school crushes are often innocent and short-lived.
    • Meaning in Bengali:মিডল স্কুল ক্রাশ প্রায়ই নির্দোষ এবং স্বল্পস্থায়ী হয়।
  6. Verb – To Shatter or Demolish:
    • English Sentence: The earthquake had the power to crush entire buildings.
    • Meaning in Bengali: ভূমিকম্পের ক্ষমতা ছিল পুরো ভবন গুঁড়িয়ে দেওয়ার।
  7. Noun – Strong Affection or Admiration:
    • English Sentence: His crush on astronomy led him to pursue a career in space science.
    • Meaning in Bengali: জ্যোতির্বিদ্যার প্রতি তার ক্রাশ তাকে মহাকাশ বিজ্ঞানে ক্যারিয়ার গড়তে পরিচালিত করেছিল।

Synonym Of Crush-

Crush এর Synonym/প্রতিশব্দ হল-

  1. Infatuation
    • Meaning in Bengali: মোহময়তা
  2. Attraction
    • Meaning in Bengali: আকর্ষণ
  3. Fancy
    • Meaning in Bengali: আবেগ
  4. Adoration
    • Meaning in Bengali: পূজা
  5. Romantic Interest
    • Meaning in Bengali: রোমান্টিক আগ্রহ
  6. Crush
    • Meaning in Bengali: ভাঙ্গ
  7. Enchantment
    • Meaning in Bengali: মোহন
  8. Yearning
    • Meaning in Bengali: কামনা
  9. Captivation
    • Meaning in Bengali: আকর্ষণ
  10. Love Interest
    • Meaning in Bengali: ভালোবাসা বিষয়ক আগ্রহ

Remember that the choice of synonym may depend on the context and the tone you want to convey.


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