Synonyms Meaning in Bengali [With 10 Examples] | Synonyms শব্দের অর্থ কি?

Synonyms Meaning in Bengali অর্থাৎ Synonyms শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ ভালোভাবে খোঁজার জন্যে আমি এখানে Oxford Dictionary এর সাহায্য নিয়েছি।

Synonyms Meaning in Bengali বা Synonyms শব্দের অর্থ হল-

Synonyms Meaning in Bengali

Synonyms Meaning in Bengali-

Synonyms শব্দের অর্থ হল-

  • প্রতিশব্দ;
  • সমার্থক;

Synonyms Meaning in English-

ইংরাজি অভিধান মতে Synonyms অর্থ-

The word “synonyms” refers to words or phrases that have similar or identical meanings to another word in the same language. Essentially, synonyms are words that can be used interchangeably in certain contexts without changing the overall meaning of a sentence. For example, “big” and “large” are synonyms because they both convey the idea of something being of considerable size. Similarly, “happy” and “joyful” are synonyms because they both describe a positive emotional state.

Sentences With The Word ‘Synonyms’-

Synonyms meaning in Bengali ভালভাবে বোঝার জন্যে কিছু বাক্য নীচে দেওয়া হল-

  1. In English, “happy” and “joyful” are synonyms, both describing a positive emotional state.
  2. “Large” and “big” are synonyms in English, both indicating something of considerable size.
  3. “Dog” and “canine” are synonyms, both referring to a domesticated mammal of the Canidae family.
  4. “Good” and “excellent” are synonyms, both expressing a high level of quality or approval.
  5. “Cold” and “chilly” are synonyms, both describing a low temperature or a sensation of coolness.
  6. In mathematics, “addition” and “sum” are synonyms, both representing the process of combining numbers.
  7. “Car” and “automobile” are synonyms, both denoting a motor vehicle used for transportation.
  8. “Book” and “novel” are synonyms, both referring to a written or printed work of fiction or nonfiction.
  9. “Fast” and “quick” are synonyms, both describing a high rate of speed or rapid motion.
  10. “Happy” and “content” are synonyms, both conveying a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment.


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